Proudly Presenting: Sir Eatsalot – Announcement Teaser »

A couple of days ago we celebrated the official first birthday of our studio as you might remember. And we prepared the perfect gift. Not only for ourselves, but especially for you guys and gals out there. After hours of working on animations and tweaking compositions we did it, we finished the “Announcement Teaser” of… Read more »

Happy Birthday to…us! »

Happy new year! We hope you had a great start into the new year. We sure had and today we’re also celebrating our first official birthday! Did you know that exactly a year ago we officially founded “Behind The Stone” in Hamburg? No? Well, now you do. Some of you might think now: “Wait! You’re… Read more »

Updates: about interviews, recent work and upcoming stuff »

Holy shit. Three months? Really? No idea how to explain that but we had a lot a stuff to do. From organizing indie-meetups, working on “Sir Eatsalot” and other stuff. No excuses, just explanations. I don’t want to get too specific about that other stuff, so I’m going straight to our current work on our… Read more »

Hamburg Games Celebration 2015 »

Woah, the last two weeks were really stressful, but also superfun. I totally forgot to mention it in the last blogpost. From the 10th to 19th of September Hamburg was the host of the first so called “Hamburg Games Celebration”. Three big events took place in Gamecity:Hamburg. Almost two weeks non-stop conferences, talks, workshops and… Read more »

Brief Update #2 »

Here we go again. Going to give you some updates on the current state of the development. There are some pretty interesting…changes: 1) Sadly our second artist, Albert, left the team. 2) Sometime in October our second programmer, Maurice, won’t be able to work on “Sir Eatsalot” anymore, since he’ll be too busy with a… Read more »

Sir Eatsalot chilling at “The Vita Lounge” »

As mentioned in the last blogpost, our Sir Eatsalot was featured in the Online Magazine of the biggest PS Vita News/Reviews-Website “The Vita Lounge“. We didn’t get only a nice interview but also a double-paged Dev Diary. Awesome! And the best part – we’ll be featured again in the next issues with our Dev Diary,… Read more »

Sir Eatsalot is (hopefully) big in Japan! »

Another month went by and we haven’t posted. I guess we suck pretty bad at blogging and there’s nothing we can do about it. But I’m consoling myself with the fact that other devs suck at this, too. It’s kind of a doom loop – you have to develop your game and “don’t have time… Read more »

Re-Doing Workflow and some Updates »

Alright, it’s been almost a month and lots of things happened. We had our 6. Indie-Meetup (#HHIndieTreff) with cool people/talks and of course we worked on Sir Eatsalot. Oh and yeah: the best E3 in history happened. I make this quick: Square Enix probably made on of the best trailers in existence for the FF7… Read more »

MaGnology 2015 – The Recap »

As I mentioned in the last blogpost, we did it: last weekend we attended at the first Comic/Manga/Game-Convention, the so called “MaGnology“. Here’s the thing. I didn’t like our demo we prepared for this event. It didn’t show all the things we wanted to show. We hadn’t even a tutorial for that demo. The preparations… Read more »

Working on a demo – Update: MaGnology Exhibition »

Argh. Weeks passed since the last blogpost, we’re really sorry, but we’re in stress. As mentioned in an earlier blogpost we’re working on our demo. That being said we have some cool news: We’re exhibiting this little demo! The “MaGnology” is the first game, comic and manga fair here in Hamburg and we’re going to… Read more »

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