AMaze. / Berlin 2015 »

Wow, the last week was just awesome. So much happened. In case you don’t know: last week was the so called “International Games Week Berlin”! More than 11 small/big events focusing on the games industry took place in Berlin for the whole week. The German Games Awards, Quo Vadis, Gamesfest, appsworld etc. We had time… Read more »

Working on a demo »

Here we go again. I mentioned in the last blogpost that we might have cool news in the next blogpost. I’m afraid, we have not that cool news, at least for us: We submitted our game “Sir Eatsalot” to the German Videogame Awards in the category “Best Concept”, but sadly it wasn’t nominated. If you… Read more »

Brief Update »

Alright, last blogpost roughly two weeks back, not that bad. Today I’m only going to write about things we currently work on. Since we’re developing exclusively for the PS Vita we did redesign parts of the game. That being said, we also have to redo some of our assets. Fortunately it’s not too much to… Read more »

team.Add(new Artist()); »

As mentioned in the last blogpost, we have awesome news: we got us a second artist! His name is Albert, he’s studying gamedesign and besides he does a really great job at drawing/painting stuff. We met him at our last local meetup, which is again a great reason to participate in these events: to connect!… Read more »

How to get on consoles as an Indie »

As mentioned in the last blogpost I wrote an article about my talk at our meetup. If you are an indie-developer and ever wondered how to get on consoles, this article might be interesting for you: Gamasutra: How to get on consoles as an Indie That’s it for now, next post at Saturday, we have… Read more »

Hamburger Indie Meetup #3 »

As you might know, we have our local Indie Meetup. And it seems this meetup is here to stay, which is great. And this time we beat our record in terms of participants. I think there were 100 people around. It was awesome. We got cool talks: “Building a GooglePlay-App Business from Scratch” by Julian… Read more »

Sir Eatsalot – A PS Vita Exclusive »

So as mentioned in the last blogpost we want to post more frequently. The last months lots of stuff happened, so let’s start with the most interesting thing: as mentioned in one of the last posts we worked on a Playstation Mobile Build to pitch our game to SONY. After some discussions we also decided… Read more »

Behind The Stone 2.0 »

Yehaw! New website, new luck…or something like that! In the last months happened so much as mentioned in the blogpost from December, we were so busy with doing all those other things, we totally neglected our blog. We sat down and started to think about it. In the end the idea was clear: we have… Read more »

Hamburger Indie Meetup #2 »

Oh boy. It is just embarrassing how we suck at blogging, but the last couple of weeks so much happened and we had so much work to do, I couldn’t find the time to sit down and make a post about out it. So in the next couple of days you’ll get an update on… Read more »

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