DevTest #3 – Basic Animations »

So it’s #ScreenshotSaturday again, that means we got something for you! The last couple of days/weeks we’re busy preparing our pitch. And that’s why Monika worked really hard on the animations for Sir Eatsalot himself. They are not 100% ready, some animations are still missing some frames, but we’re quite satisfied with the results. Have… Read more »

Hamburger Indie Meetup #1 »

I think I might mentioned it at some point, but here we go again: In the last couple of months we and other small developers in Hamburg/Germany joined forces to establish a local meetup for independent developers. And we succeeded! But I would like to write a little bit more about the whole thing. The… Read more »

Dev Diary #1 – Building the Level Structure »

Hey folks! We’re busy with the preparations for our Pitch, but of course we managed to do something! Since Monika is finally done with the Assets for the second level, I got create the basic level structure. I also recorded the process and made a timelapse video out of it with me commenting on the… Read more »

Previously at Behind The Stone »

Yey! This time we only managed not blogging for only two weeks instead of four weeks! I guess one can call that progress! So, as stated in the last blogpost I want to talk about the last couple of weeks, the changes and the plans for the game. #1 – Behind The Stone got bigger!… Read more »

Quick PS Vita Test »

Hey guys. Once again we managed to suck at blogging! We had to deal with too much stuff the last couple of weeks. Both private and work. I won’t go into much details right now, I’ll keep that for saturday since I still have  to deal with some stuff. But as for now, you might… Read more »

Minor Updates + a new Member for Behind The Stone? »

Hey Folks! Couldn’t post yesterday, since I was busy the whole day. Nothing too fancy going on the last couple of days. We are some minor steps away from finalizing the first Level, though! Monika is working on polishing some assets and I’m working on different things for the first level and the whole game… Read more »

How to get in the (german) Games-Industry »

I’m really sorry I didn’t make a post last week, but I was really sick and couldn’t do anything. Couldn’t code, couldn’t play, couldn’t even move that much. It hit me really bad. Fortunately Monika took care of me. That way she didn’t accomplish much, either. But I had still some strength for some talking… Read more »

Preview #1 – The First Level »

Yeah. We managed to post on Saturday, as “promised” last week! And as also stated last week, we managed to build the first level, too. It’s not 100% complete, it lacks some minor details (some sprites/animations, enemies and of course music), but we wanted to give you a little “peak” in the level. We hope… Read more »

We suck at blogging… »

Oh my…I suck at blogging. But Monika is no saint, either. She forgets to remind me! We forgot it, yes, but that doesn’t mean there are no Updates! In fact, we spent the last couple of weeks optimizing our workflow. We started to use Trello as our Task-Board in order to have a good overview… Read more »

Artstyle 2.0 »

Finally we’re able to present you guys the new Artstyle of “Sir Eatsalot”. This is a snippet from the first level. It’s not completely finished yet; we’re working on the new GUI and some other background decorations (animated stuff), but we hope you guys like it! As comparison, you can have a look at the… Read more »

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