A big change is coming! »

Holy Shit, it’s almost a month since we posted. We had so much to do, I couldn’t find the time to sit down and recall some of the stuff we did. Monika had a painful dental visit and wasn’t able to do anything for a whole week. Of course I took care of her. Besides… Read more »

AMaze/Berlin 2014 »

Puh. I don’t know where to start exactly. What a week. We where very spontaneous about this: we went to the AMaze Festival in Berlin! Months ago Monika and I talked about participating and also showing “Sir Eatsalot” at the event. In the end we decided that our game doesn’t fit the “tone” of the… Read more »

Unity: Creating a simple Enemy-AI with Coroutines »

Hey folks! Lately I was busy with different things. Rewriting the GUI, Saving and Loading different stuff and of course: AI. I had a clear vision of our enemies for “Sir Eatsalot”. They should be basic, but not that dumb. They should be able to do some basic stuff and maybe even more. Since I’m… Read more »

Saving and Loading »

Hey folks! In the last couple of weeks I was busy rewriting the whole Inventory/Quest/Diary-System of the game. We will also redesign some parts of the UI, but as for now only the logic-part was remade. Before the change everything worked fine till I started to think about saving and loading content. A colleague of… Read more »

Minion #1 »

Narf, and we did it again. We forgot to post. Shame on us, on our whole family and our imaginary friends. We promise to become better! The thing is: we do work! It’s nothing like we stop working on the game, to be honest we’re working more efficient and invest more time into the overall… Read more »

A faceless Hero? »

Hey folks! Once we were asked if our hero will take off his helm, so you can see his face. The answer is simple: No, he won’t show his face. Why? We think it’s making the character more interesting. A part of his visual identity remains a secret. But that’s not the point. More important:… Read more »

Blog Update #1: Comments »

Hey folks! Thanks to our webmaster you can comment our blogposts! So, feel free to comment! We’ll look forward to your opinions and your feedback!

The Witch is ready! »

Hey folks! In the last couple of days Monika worked simultaneously on the Ratwarrior and our evil witch. We loved the last drafts so much that Monika decided to work on Hysterica further. You can have a look at the results right here: Stay tuned for more stuff in the next couple of days!

An Interview with Next Level »

Hey folks! Today is a good day. We got our very first interview! We guess, that’s more exciting for us than for you guys, but we don’t want to be awkward! Moments before we went to the NLC (you can read about our trip to the event here: NLC Conclusion) we asked the organisers if… Read more »

Ratwarriors, Goblins and Enemies »

Hey folks! We gave you a little peek in our UserInterface last week. At this point we want to make clear that the final game will have a more polished UI of course! But the base functionality will stay the same generally speaking. Monika is still working on the Ratwarrior, because we had some changes… Read more »

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