Mea Culpa! »

Hey guys! We’re truly sorry that it’s been now almosttwo weeks without any posts. We had a lot other stuff to do (annoying side jobs to keep us alive…) In the future we’ll try to keep this blog at least once a week up to date! BUT! Of course, I’m not posting just for fun…. Read more »

News and Updates »

Today we got two big news for you and some updates on our work! 1. News: Change of scope Monika and I took some steps back and looked at the project in order to determine what could be reduced since there is still so much to do and if there’s something we could leave out…. Read more »

Happy new Year / Introducing the Ratwarrior »

First of all: a happy new year! We hope you guys had a good time with your loved ones. Unfortunately Christmas and New Year’s Eve kept us from work longer than we thought. But we continued our work again after the small break. Of course we want to present some proof! Monika managed to animate… Read more »

Merry Christmas! »

Period of reflection, brightness and love. And presents of course! As soon the holidays are over we’ll get back to work on the game, promised! Sir Eatsalot and the Behind The Stone-Team wishes you a merry Christmas! (Have fun unboxing your presents!)  

Sir Eatsalot 2.0f »

As promised in the last post, here we go. Behold! The latest (and hopefully last) version of the protagonist Sir Eatsalot (In fact, we already presented him in the “Woolcow”-Artwork, but we wanted to make it a separate blogpost) We wanted to make him rounder but also a little more badass, so we made his… Read more »

Sir Eatsalot: The Evolution of a plump Knight »

We got something for you guys. We thought it would be interesting to give you a look behind the scenes of the development of the protagonist of the game. You’ll see Sir Eatsalot from his very first sketch to the first colored Images which we used in-game. From time to time we changed his appearance,… Read more »

Next Level Conference: The Conclusion »

We’re back home. The “Next Level Conference” is over and though we’re tired, we look back and smile. The clash of culture and art, science, education and business in games was well implemented. We could listen to some panels about the video game industry, game design and other topics. But of course you could and… Read more »

Heading off to the NLC! »

T-Shirts? Check. Business Cards? Check. Prealpha of the game? Check. Hurricane-Warning? Check. Apparently there’s a thunder-storm in the north of germany, which canceled our trainconnection. But we still have one ace in the hole. Even if the hurricane tries to stop our journey, we will keep a stiff upper lip! “Next Level Conference”, here we… Read more »

Sir Eatsalots Journey to the Next Level Conference »

The so called “Next Level Conference” takes place on the 06.12.2013 in Dortmund (Germany)! If you want to participate at workshops and discussions or listen to speeches you should buy some tickets! Of course the Behind The Stone-Team will join the event! And “Sir Eatsalot” comes along. If you are interested in an early Alpha… Read more »

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