Soundtrack? Check. »

Today we want to present the main theme of “Sir Eatsalot”. The whole soundtrack is made by the three guys at “4 Horizons Productions“. Michael and Markus aren’t only extern assets but also our friends. We have a lot of fun working on the concepts of the soundtrack. Together we want to create a great… Read more »

A wild Boss appears! »

Could you imagine a 2D Sidescroller without cool Bosses? We neither, that’s why we want to show you the first Boss of the game: the infamous Black Knight! A coldhearted mercenary who was engaged by the evil Hysterica in order to stop Sir Eatsalot. His wastage of “disposable wolves” puts Hysterica in financial embarrassment.

The idea behind Sir Eatsalot »

Maybe some of you are asking yourselves what exactly is “Sir Eatsalot” and how did we come up with the idea to create a game with a gluttonous knight. Many moons ago I (Slawa) had the concept of the idea, while sitting in German lessons. I drew two circles in my notebook and named the… Read more »

Hello World »

Here it is! The very first posting! Welcome to the development blog of the „Behind The Stone“-team. In the next couple of days, weeks and months you’ll find all info about the game-development of our upcoming game “Sir Eatsalot” right here. We’ll update the blog at least once a week, so have a look now… Read more »

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