Why „Behind The Stone“? Sometimes you have to look behind a stone in order to realize there is a gem. Our goal is to create such gems. The Hamburg (Germany) based Indie-Studio consists in its core of two people who came into contact with videogames early. Over time the games turned into passion. This passion should be the foundation of the team. The result: studying game development. But theory wasn’t enough, whereon we decided to create games on our own. We want to create exceptional worlds. We think videogames can be more than just „games“. The element of immersion is predestinated to tell stories. Therefore we don’t follow any industry-trends and don’t rely on modern business-modells. We work under the motto: „Create games you do not just want to play but also to experience!“ Our games are journeys with passion and love for detail. We want you to participate in this journey. Discover our games, maybe they encourage yourself not only to learn something new about them but also about yourself, too!




There are currently no trailers available for Behind The Stone. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!

Team & Repeating Collaborator

Programmer, Behind The Stone
Monika Rider
Artist, Behind The Stone