Behind The Stone 2.0

Yehaw! New website, new luck…or something like that! In the last months happened so much as mentioned in the blogpost from December, we were so busy with doing all those other things, we totally neglected our blog. We sat down and started to think about it. In the end the idea was clear: we have to revamp this website.
There are a lot of reasons why we wanted to do that. First of all it was kind of a motivational boost to get our butts up and start to pay more attention to this blog. Of course we won’t make any promises, but with the redesign we really really want to blog more often. At least twice a month.
Another reason was the way we presented us and ourselves. We felt like it wasn’t that clear what we wanted to achieve with this website. What is it about? What do we do? We wanted to be more slick and address our work in a straighter way.
That being said we are really grateful to our friend Eduard Anton who did this awesome redesign. This guy is awesome, if you ever need someone who’s into print- or webdesign, check him out:

For now that’s it. We’re highly motivated, not only because of this new website, but also other things. We’ll post about them in the next couple of days.