Sir Eatsalot – A PS Vita Exclusive


So as mentioned in the last blogpost we want to post more frequently. The last months lots of stuff happened, so let’s start with the most interesting thing: as mentioned in one of the last posts we worked on a Playstation Mobile Build to pitch our game to SONY. After some discussions we also decided to shift to the PS Vita entirely, so the game will become a fully exclusive title for this platform. That means: no iOS, no Android. And to be frank, that was a really big weight off our minds. The whole market is so overstuffed and especially the device-fragmentation is really annoying. One platform to focus on. Now only SONY had to say: “Yes, we want this game!” and fortunately the pitch was successful. Kind of. Sadly SONY won’t publish the game, BUT they provided us Unity Licenses and DevKits at no cost, which is really great. We also have to praise the communication with SONY. There was a mutual respect and a sreamlined process of communication. As for now we received the DevKits, so the game won’t just be a PSM-Title but a full-fledged game which will appear in the Playstation Store. We’re looking forward to the next weeks of development!