team.Add(new Artist());

As mentioned in the last blogpost, we have awesome news: we got us a second artist! His name is Albert, he’s studying gamedesign and besides he does a really great job at drawing/painting stuff.

We met him at our last local meetup, which is again a great reason to participate in these events: to connect!
Since our game is very asset-heavy the whole creation-process takes a lot of time for Monika, since she has to handle ALL of the graphics-related work: drafts/concepts, sprites, animation, artworks and so on. It’s not an easy task for a single person. We’re really happy that we could find us some help on this matter, because now we’re able to speed up our work.

Our first task for Albert was to “get into the game”, so he could adapt to ourĀ  defined artstyle. And surprisingly he can adapt really fast, which is great.

As for now he’s responsible for concepting and working out the creatures of our game. To be exact he’s working on the so called “Broccoli-Stag“, which is the mystical ruler of the second Level, the Broccoli-Forest. Albert made already some sketches, have a look: