Brief Update

Alright, last blogpost roughly two weeks back, not that bad. Today I’m only going to write about things we currently work on. Since we’re developing exclusively for the PS Vita we did redesign parts of the game. That being said, we also have to redo some of our assets. Fortunately it’s not too much to redo, so it won’t cost us too much time. Besides, since we have a second artist now, things go faster.

Maurice, our second programmer, is currently busy with the GUI and the way we structure data of the game.

I’m working on PS Vita-specific things like Saving/Loading data. Since we have to work with Memory-Cards the process is slightly different and we have to rely on the Sony-API instead of the “Unity-Way”, but that’s fine, it’s not complicated.


Monika is working on the animations for the first boss battle:
Sir Eatsalot vs. The Black Knight!
So far things look pretty cool and we sure try our best to make it a really cool boss battle. Hopefully we can show you soon some of these animations.

In the last blogpost we showed you some of the sketches of our new Artist, Albert. As for now we managed to finalize our Broccoli-Stag, but we won’t share it now. Let’s save the fun for later! Now he redesigns the Logo for the game. You know, that big one which is presented at the very start of this website. A good friend made it back then and we sure are thankful, but we all knew it was temporary. We needed something to pitch and we didn’t want to use our OLD logo (some of you might remember), which was in comparison ugly…mabye it’s even ugly without comparison. And as some of you might know, designing a logo can be a really time-consuming and hard task. We hope we can complete it as fast as possible, so we can concentrate on more important stuff.
That’s it so far! And with a bit of luck we have some really cool news in the next days!