Working on a demo

Here we go again. I mentioned in the last blogpost that we might have cool news in the next blogpost. I’m afraid, we have not that cool news, at least for us:
We submitted our game “Sir Eatsalot” to the German Videogame Awards in the category “Best Concept”, but sadly it wasn’t nominated. If you want to have a look at the nominees, here you go: Nominees of 2015.
(Page is in german!)

Of course we’re happy for the other devs and wish them best of luck. But yeah, it would be really cool to see “Sir Eatsalot” getting nominated. But hey, the show must go on. By next year Sir Eatsalot will be (hopefully) released and in 2016 we’re going to win, hell yes!

In the last blogpost I gave a little update on what we’re currently working on: New logo, animations for the first Bossbattle, GUI and so on. Our plan is to build a stable demo, which consists of the first three level and the Bossbattle. The demo will be used at different (local) events to get some userfeedback in order to study players and how they react to our gameplay. That demo will NOT be available in the Playstation Store, though, it’s just some sort of alpha-test. We also plan to make a teaser, but as always lack of time won’t allow us create that one soon enough. That teaser will probably be shown AFTER we finished our demo.

So stay tuned for our next blogpost. That one will have interesting news. For real!