Re-Doing Workflow and some Updates

Alright, it’s been almost a month and lots of things happened. We had our 6. Indie-Meetup (#HHIndieTreff) with cool people/talks and of course we worked on Sir Eatsalot. Oh and yeah: the best E3 in history happened. I make this quick: Square Enix probably made on of the best trailers in existence for the FF7 Remake. Perfect in every way. And of course: Shenmue 3 <3

Alright, enough of that. Back to more important things: Sir Eatsalot! I just wanted to give an update on our work. As you might know from the last blogpost I wasn’t quite happy with some specific things. Although the demo was received quite well, the preperation for that very demo was subpar. We should have done it better. And we’re going to do so. One of the most annoying thing setting up the demo was the workflow with the levels. As of now this was our procedure:

– I’m building the basic platform-structure of the levels and inform Monika which object should/shouldn’t be placed at specific points
– Monika is “decorating” the levels (placing Sprites like trees, flowers, bushes and so on)
– I’m putting enemies, creatures into the scene and enrich the flora with particleeffects and basic animations per Object

Since we’ve got tons of interactive sprites within the scenes I had to manually place Animations and Scripts on those. What a idiotic and time-consuming thing to do. Some of you might be devs, too and think: “Well…why didn’t you use Prefabs?” – Yeah, why didn’t I. I guess, because I’m stupid. I use them for other stuff, why not for this. That’s why our whole “level building” will be done via Prefabs as of now. Instead of editing 45 bush-objects in a scene I’m just going to edit 9 Prefabs once, and if there’s going to be any need to add stuff to the objects I’m just going to edit the Prefab.

We also had too adjust our test-handling. For the demo I had to hard-code some stuff, which is bad. There were also some performance issues with our drawing-feature, which we only tested standalone and not in the actual gameplay-environment. Testing is going to be more controlled now. In order to boost this we decided to give the Asset Server a try.We used Bitbucket and SourceTree to share our code, which worked, but handling our scenes, prefabs, assets was troublesome: exporting/importing unitypackages all the time, having to look out for identical assets and so on. It was just annoying. For now Unity’s Asset Server seems quite nice.

And off course we worked on the game. Monika is busy with creating moods for the next level, creating platform-terrains, concepting bosses. Albert works on a bunch of different creatures, Maurice rewrites the whole user-interface from nGUI to uGUI, Monique works on visuals for the GUI and different particle-effects and I’m designing quests, levels and puzzles. We were busy and there’s still much to do. So here are some impressions of our latest work:



Mood for W2L2 – The Chocolate Grotto



Platform Terrain for the Chocolate Grotto




Our Antagonist – Hysterica. Left Before | Right After. We adjusted her a bit in order to make animations easier.




Mood of W4 – The Isotonic Isles – (they are in a poisoned state!)




The king of Kingdom Gluttington: Dietan III




One of the many creatuers in the world of Sir Eatsalot: A Stone Tortuga!




The boss of W3 – Enormo the Clown



Stay tuned for future updates! : )