Updates: about interviews, recent work and upcoming stuff

Holy shit. Three months? Really? No idea how to explain that but we had a lot a stuff to do. From organizing indie-meetups, working on “Sir Eatsalot” and other stuff. No excuses, just explanations. I don’t want to get too specific about that other stuff, so I’m going straight to our current work on our chubby knight!

What happened in the last few months? Maurice (programmer) finished different functionalities like the Rearpad-Touchinput or our Water-/Wavesystem, which is needed for the “Isotonic Isles”. We might show you more of it in the near future. Philipp (programmer) basically finished the whole Save-/Load-system, we “just” have to test it extensively on the PS Vita. Next stop would be the remaining features and some minor stuff. I’m busy with puzzles and levels and boy is it hard. Although “Sir Eatsalot” is far from being a supercomplex game, it sure is difficult to create fairly challenging riddles and interesting levelstructures, especially when they’re connected with each other. Sometimes it twists my brain, but thanks to articy:draft, a handy game-design tool, I’m able to have a good overview.

Alright…I know a not-that-subtle way to hint to an interview. But here’s the real deal. We got again featured in the awesome magazine of “The Vita Lounge” this time we’re talking about our general development-process. Make sure to check it out!


(click on the image!)


On top of that we had a nice interview with the folks of the german PS Vita Newssite “yourPSVita“, we chatted about our studio, the development of “Sir Eatsalot” and the game itself.

What else happened? Oh yeah. Our team grew bigger, once again! We got us another artist: Vivien Lulkowski – and the best part, she’s quick, pretty skilled and has a lot of time for the project. Check out her awesome work at her portfolio. Currently she works simultaneously on different tasks, from concepts to animations and we’re already looking forward to show you some of her work in the next couple of weeks.

Beyond that we’re working intensely on the first teaser for “Sir Eatsalot”! Next week we’ll start with the post-production (editing/cutting). We’ll release the teaser probably next month, though, since it would just perish in the “Star Wars Week” (hyped btw!) and around Christmas/New Year’s Eve. I guess it’s also a good start into the new year : )

So as always – stay tuned. And although we’re not blogging on a regular basis we’re way more active on facebook and twitter, so make sure to like/follow us:

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