News and Updates

Today we got two big news for you and some updates on our work!

1. News: Change of scope

Monika and I took some steps back and looked at the project in order to determine what could be reduced since there is still so much to do and if there’s something we could leave out. After some thoughts and talks the decision was made:

We drop a whole world. So instead of six worlds with overall 18 level you’ll get “only” five worlds with overall 15 level. The sixth world (which isn’t the last world, it’s just one of six) was neither well planned nor is it really necessary! Squashing a further world for a big scope’s sake won’t make the game better.

2. News:
We got support on the graphics!


“Sir Eatsalot” is a sticker for details, and that’s why there is a lot of work to do (even if we already dismissed a whole world…) All the level, the NPCs, the enemies and bosses, enough work for the artist.
But Monika has only two hands and I got two feet when it comes to drawing, so I’m not qualified. But as said, we got help:

As of late Verena Lattanzi is helping us; you already could admire her work on Christmas. She was the one who drew the Christmas-Artwork!

If you want to see more of her work, here’s her deviantArt-Portfolio:

For now she’s working on Hysterica’s two little minions. They are still in the design phase, but as soon there’s something presentable, we’ll show you!


And for the updates mentioned above:

1) User Interface

Currently I’m busy reworking the UI-System of the game. I’m not talking about graphics but the controls. At first the whole UI (and a lot of other elements of the game) was built with the Visual Scripting Plugin “PlayMaker”,
but after doing some tests and putting MORE thoughts in this I decided (at least for the UI) to use “normal” scripts. The reason is simple: I really like PlayMaker and the concept of Visual Scripting, but some operations are easier and faster to realize with “normal” scripts. I’m trying to upload a video in the next days to show you the menu!

2) Ratwarrior-Animations

Monika is still working on the Ratwarrior. We really tried to have the other animations done by…some days ago…but yeah, we failed. You know, haste makes waste. But we still try to hurry…For now she’s doing the Attackanimation and as soon it’s finished, we’ll present it!

We hope you guys are as excited as we are for the further progress!