Mea Culpa!

Hey guys! We’re truly sorry that it’s been now almosttwo weeks without any posts. We had a lot other stuff to do (annoying side jobs to keep us alive…) In the future we’ll try to keep this blog at least once a week up to date!

BUT! Of course, I’m not posting just for fun. First of all I wanted to give a little update on my work:

– I’m still working on rewriting the UserInterface, I’m making really good progress. That being said, I think I’ll be able to upload a little video within the next week!

The next thing is: Hysterica!

It’s a true shame that it took so long to show the main antagonist of the game, but we still had to figure out HOW exactly the evil witch should look like. Here you go:


The ¬†picture shows some of the many sketches Monika madeand in the last row you’ll see the version of Hysterica we both agreed on! Monika is working now on a turnaround and experimenting with colors, so stay tuned!