Ratwarriors, Goblins and Enemies

Hey folks!

We gave you a little peek in our UserInterface last week. At this point we want to make clear that the final game will have a more polished UI of course! But the base functionality will stay the same generally speaking.

Monika is still working on the Ratwarrior, because we had some changes regarding our Workflow (better now before starting to polish the game…), but we make good progress and we think we could show the next animation soon.

Verena made also good progress with Hystericas servants. We could agree on a species: Goblins! You’ll get a look at first impressions in the next days.

As the UI seems pretty stable I started to program something major: the Enemies. Programming AI is more time-consuming than I thought, but since I changed from Visual-Scripting to native coding everything is way more structured, easier to handle and gives better results. In the next post I’ll give you a detailed peek in the base-behaviour of the enemies! So, stay tuned!