Minion #1

Narf, and we did it again. We forgot to post. Shame on us, on our whole family and our imaginary friends. We promise to become better! The thing is: we do work! It’s nothing like we stop working on the game, to be honest we’re working more efficient and invest more time into the overall game development than in the last couple of weeks/months.

As a little apology I present you the first of the two minions of the evil witch Hysterica:


This guy is so dumb, you have to love him 😀

The second minion is almost done but we’re still experimenting with colors.
Generally speaking: The two minions are the “comic relief” of the game. Not that the game is that serious anyway…but we wanted to design the scenes with Hysterica and her two minions in a funny way through their actions and personalities. Especially this guy (we haven’t decided any names yet) is going to be the klutz and will cause Hysterica one headache after another 🙂

We hope you like it!