A big change is coming!

Holy Shit, it’s almost a month since we posted. We had so much to do, I couldn’t find the time to sit down and recall some of the stuff we did. Monika had a painful dental visit and wasn’t able to do anything for a whole week. Of course I took care of her. Besides I was busy, too! I met with Studios like Threaks¬†and Slash Games . Together we were trying (and we still are) to establish an Indie-Dev-Meetup here in Hamburg/Germany for the local Indie-Dev-Scene. We’re making some progress, I’ll keep you up to date on this, too. At least I’m going to try…

As for the title of this post: a huge change is coming. Well maybe not so huge for you guys, but certainly for us! It’s about the artstyle of the Ingame-Level. As a matter of fact we don’t like it that much. That’s why we sat down the last couple of weeks and talked how we could change it. We dropped the clean Vector-Style and tried different things out.

We found our solution! I’m afraid we can’t show you the results right now, since Monika is still working on it, but as for now we think: it looks so much better, you guys will love it! Please bear with us a little more!