Previously at Behind The Stone

Yey! This time we only managed not blogging for only two weeks instead of four weeks!
I guess one can call that progress! So, as stated in the last blogpost I want to talk about the last couple of weeks, the changes and the plans for the game.

#1 – Behind The Stone got bigger!

Yes! We got us some help. To be more specific: another programmer, Maurice, joined our team.
That guy is really skilled and already did some great job on structuring certain code. Since he’s got a background in IT and worked and still works in big projects he also shared some knowledge and valuable insights about project-management. We’re really glad Maurice is helping out, since I’m not the best programmer out there. I mean, I do get my stuff done, but with someone like him I do learn a lot and the project is getting done way faster, at least from the programming side, there’s still tons of work to do regarding the assets! 

#2 – Status of “Sir Eatsalot”

The last two weeks we had some problems to deal with. First, I was sick. Caught the flu and couldn’t get anything done. Couldn’t even play games. Oh boy, when I was younger, I was kind of happy when I was sick. Didn’t have to go to school, could play games all day. Now I just wish to be become healthy again, just to play games without fever, pain in the limbs and headaches…And second, we had to deal with some private stuff. But that’s done and we’re back working on the game.

The first level is kind of finished, Monika is already working on the second one. We made a mockup to check the “Look and Feel” of the level:


We weren’t quite satisfied with the result, though we liked it. Monika adjusted and tweaked the colors and we got this:


It’s not 100%  final, but we think it is an improvement! So yeah, Monika does a really great job on asset-creation, especially the assets we use to structure the platforms and some of the background elements.
It’s done way faster then the first level, so we hope we manage to built the levels within our schedule since we want to release the game early 2015!
The most time-consuming assets will be the animations, there are a lot of them and Monika has only two hands…well, we’ll see how fast that’s going to work out.

Maurice is working on our Cutscene-System, which is nearly finished 🙂
I’m working on the Leveldesign and refine the Eventsystem. After that Maurice and I will tackle the GUI-System.

#3 “Sir Eatsalot” on PS Vita – Working on the Pitch

Yeah, as seen in the last blogpost we’re trying to get the game on the
PS Vita. Since we use Unity it’s not a problem at all with PSM (Playstation Mobile).
But we don’t want to use PSM since with PSM we’re kind of limited in the hardware.
The game would be predestinated for the Vita, since we could use the power of the hardware and of course all the hardware-features!

So we’re making a seperate build, which does currently run on PSM in order to show off the game. That’s our next milestone:

– Get the game in a state we can pitch it to SONY – 

And we did plan out what we want to have in that version

– The First World(contains three Levels), which shows off the Core Gameplay and functions as a Tutorial

– Core Gameplay (duh!)

– An Interactive Bossfight

Most of the Core Gameplay is already implemented, some elements have still to be implemented, others need refinement.
As mentioned above Monika is working on the asset creation and soon the second level will be finished, too.
If everything’s working out we might have this “Pitch-Demo” ready at end of October, but…you know game development! 🙂

If the Pitch won’t be succesfull at all, we won’t lose anything since we just work further on the iOS-version. Either way it wouldn’t be wasted time/effort.
At that point we’d have a nice demo we can show people/bring to events 🙂

Yeah, that’s it for now. I hope I manage to post something saturday…